Why? Because, Pageant Women:

Pageant Women come from all walks of life. We are diverse on every spectrum including race, religion, socioeconomic standing, and age. Yet, we each have commonalities so breathtakingly beautiful that Pageant Women form a sisterhood which transcends divisive lines.

Pageant Women are strong. Pageant Women are smart. Pageant Women are driven. Pageant Women are passionate. Pageant Women have an ingrained fire burning within to change something for the better. Pageant Women are committed. Pageant Women have grit. Pageant Women are not defined by failures, yet are made because of them. Pageant Women are the backbone of families, workplaces, communities and societies. Oh, and Pageant Women are good looking too.

Join the sisterhood and realize the breathtaking beauty of Pageant Women:

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Pageant Life is pleased to offer three Membership Levels customized to meet to meet all needs. Membership will open spring of 2018. In the meantime, stay in the know becoming a PL Leading Lady today!

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