Our Village


One of Pageantry's biggest assets are the women it's community is comprised of. Our village so to speak. Oh, and by the way, our village is HUGE and continually growing. According to Forbes, 2.5 million women compete in a pageant every year. To put that in perspective, the latest recorded population of the United States was 324 million women, with 161 million being female. This means that 1.5% of 1.5 out of every 100 women compete in a pageant every year. Further, it is estimated that there are 20 million women that have competed in a pageant before but are not competing in the current calendar year. 

Have you ever wondered how to connect to the women in this village? PageantLife has got you! Members are able to connect with other PageantLife members through our association site. Check it Out! 


Unstoppable Pageant Women:

Who are these 22.5 million women (combined contestant and alumni base)? We are future leaders of the world, we are doctors, we are teachers, we are business professionals, we are artists, we are mothers, we are daughters, WE are the people who will impact our world for the better. PageantLife exists to connect these 22.5 million women, because we believe with our whole body, soul and mind that once we do, these women are unstoppable and are committed to doing good. Watch out world, here come the pageant women.


Don’t believe us? Check out this list of past pageant participants who are ruling the world: Delta Burke (Miss Florida 1974), Halle Berry (Miss Ohio & 1st runner-up to Miss USA 1986), Oprah Winfrey (Miss Black Tennessee 1972), Diane Sawyer (America’s Junior Miss 1963), Gal Gadot (Miss Isreal 2004), Lynda Carter (Miss World America 1972), Michelle Pfeiffer (Miss Orange County 1978), Jerri Ryan (Miss Illinois 1990) and Gretchen Carlson (Miss America 1989),


Impressed? Thought so. However, you haven’t seen anything yet. Check back often to see what the power of connecting Pageant Women does to the list, or, be a part of it. Start YOUR journey today.