At PageantLife we know pageantry (and life ha!) can be expensive, yet, we also know the value that it brings and want all to be able to experience it regardless of monetary ability. Enter #PLGives. At our very core, we believe in the power to empower through giving. We are committed to walking with you through this #BeautifulJourney, and, to show it, PageantLife Gives:

  • Contestant Pageant Scholarships: The largest deterrent to participating in a pageant is lack of monetary resources. PageantLife helps with that by providing scholarships in the form of an entry fee to a pageant to PageantLife members.
  • Reigning Titleholder Perks: As a reigning titleholder, costs can add up. PageantLife helps by giving titleholders perks in the form of gas cards, salon certificates and promotional items.
  • Alumni Further Education Gifts: We believe in the importance of furthering education past pageantry, or in the in-between.  Regularly, an alumni member will receive a gift to help achieve this goal.
  • 100-1 PageantLife Membership Scholarship: For every 100 PageantLife memberships purchased, we will give one complimentary annual membership to a woman who meets certain socioeconomic needs. Beyond resources, we are giving a support system. Apply for a PageantLife Membership Scholarship Here.
  • Charitable Grants: We believe in the power to give outside our PageantLife community and celebrate the charitable service of PageantLife members. To further empower the alignment, PageantLife gives grants to a PageantLife member’s charity of choice. Apply for a PageantLife Charitable Grant Here.

Please note that the #PLGives program will be operating once PageantLife.com is fully launched (2019). It is our hope that the amount given will continue to grow.

Can’t wait? Us either! A smaller, pre-launch #PLGives will be in operation from now until launch. Check it out here.